Many of you will already know Anne-Marie and Jean-Guy, for having met them over the years as they travelled the highways and byways, at wine fairs or at Mangot itself, always showing the same verve and passion!

In 1980, Anne Marie, the youngest of the PETIT daughters, gave up her pharmacy studies to come back to the family property.

In 1981, she married Jean Guy Todeschini: a master stone mason by trade, and he gradually came to support her more and more at Mangot.

Until 1989, Anne-Marie and Jean-Guy would share the running of the two family businesses and bringing up their young sons, Karl (born in 1982) and Yann (1984): two budding wine growers…

From 1989 to 1998, they completely transformed the vineyards at Mangot (re-structuring, re-planting, terracing and drainage works) to bring on the quality in leaps and bounds, year after year, and finally obtain the GRAND CRU label for the estate’s 34 hectares.

In 2001, it was the turn of all the buildings to be modernised, a return to his roots for Jean Guy, a stone mason and architect at heart…

From 1996 to 2008, they travelled in France and abroad to promote the new face of Mangot and look for partners.

On top of their boundless energy and capacity for hard work, thanks to their perspective gained outside the wine world, Jean-Guy and Anne Marie have revived and renewed Mangot, restructuring the vineyards and the cellar, with a single goal in mind: Quality.


The hands-on man par excellence, a great lover of nature and the environment, Karl is in charge of the year-round management of the vineyards and the wines, working directly with all the members of the Mangot team, a team that is young, full of energy and passionate about what they do.

Sociable by nature, warm and friendly, he is very involved at local level and has contributed his vigour and vision to serve the St Emilion Wine Council and then the GDON (pest management body).

Karl was inducted as a member of the Saint Emilion Jurade guild in 2014.

He studied wine-making and oenology to degree level, having started his career in 2002 at Château Beauséjour Bécot in St Emilion, then completing an apprenticeship at Château Clarke in Listrac Médoc in 2003. In 2004 he joined Château Ausone to take part in the vinification. It was a magical experience for him!

In 2005, he left for Sonoma Valley in California, spending a year with Pierre Seillan for the vinification at the “Vérité” winery, a superb property owned by the famous Jess Jackson.

In 2006, Karl continued his travels, moving to Italy to one of Jess Jackson’s properties in Sienna, Tuscany, spending two and a half years as technical manager on the splendid Tenuta di Arceno estate (130ha at an altitude of 600m).

After getting back in touch with his Italian roots, Karl finally brought his finely-honed skills and motivation back to Mangot in April 2008.


Multi-skilled Yann is a creative mind: 3 months in the cellar for the vinification and 9 months a year in the office… he brings dynamic commercial skills to Mangot as well as taking care of communication. And so, the work of the two brothers has given birth to M de Mangot Rosé, Le Marmot de La Brande and the Cuvée Todeschini, the Mangot flagship…

The baby of the family and yet known as “big Yann”, fresh from his agricultural engineering degree (Purpan School of Agriculture)), he joined Mangot at the same time as Karl in 2008.

Yann had also gained a wide range of experience, but also outside the vines and the cellars, in cattle and crop farming, cheese-making, .. But he also spent some time on vinification in the Napa Valley (Rudd, Oakville) in 2005, which taught him a great deal.

Having undertaken oenology studies (DNO) in parallel to his degree in 2007, Yann realised that his vision of wine (immersed in it since birth…) was far from the chemistry and pharmaceutical affair taught in school, so he gave up the oenology course to concentrate on what he preferred: wine growing, but also the commercial and marketing side, which he likes to tie in with the technical aspects in order to educate people and make wine accessible to everyone.

And so, during the grape harvest and the wine-making period, Yann dons his size 50 boots (ah yes, size 50) to lend Karl a hand with the harvest and to tease the best out of every vintage. And the during the rest of the year, Yann deals with the estate’s French and Export customers, meeting them and building customer relations, and also attending a few fairs to help out his parents.

A perfectionist by nature, whether it is about creating the wine or the label, Yann leaves nothing to chance!



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