M de MANGOT Rosé

2018 out of stock... 2019 available march 2020
Created in 2009 out of desire to create a wine grower's rosé… The result of work on the vines and a vinification process worthy of a great white!

Not a wine created in the cellar for want of something better, but quite the contrary, a product of work in the vineyard, this wine is the fruit of careful plot selection and growing practices, from pruning through to harvesting.

With a deliberate predominance of Merlot (80%), direct pressing is followed by low-temperature fermentation on the lees, in stainless steel tanks, but also in new 400/500-litre barrels.

A vinification process kept as natural as possible, with oxygen protection, makes it possible to limit the use of sulphites (40 to 60 mg/L total SO2).

A rosé full of freshness, elegance and purity, which is reflected in its packaging: it comes in 6 different bottles with a glass stopper  – the very height of aesthetic sophistication!