Préface MMXXII

Vin de France Blanc

“Like the preface to a book, this 2022 vintage marks the first page in the history of our white wines.
the first page in the history of our white wines.

“A small vineyard of white vines was planted on our land. The white wines of Château Mangot stood out for their pretty colour, a well-developed and pleasant sap, with a great deal of finesse and distinction”.
Editions Le Ferret, 1897.

125 years later, we are delighted to have replanted white vines on the clay slopes of Castillon.

“Our aim is to rewrite a page in the history of Bordeaux white wines.

A historic Bordeaux grape variety that has almost disappeared.

MERLOT BLANC is a world-renowned Bordeaux grape variety, a cross between merlot noir and folle blanche. In 1958, it represented 5275 hectares in France, compared with 24 hectares today.

“Our challenge for the future is to create wines that are as close as possible to their history.

The deliberately white label, like the preface to a book, symbolises a foreword to be read in the glass. In our spirit of creativity, we waxed our bottles with wax from our apiary.

After 10 years of work, questioning and research into massal selections, we have taken our convictions to their logical conclusion with this MERLOT BLANC. Préface illustrates the idea of a blank page, one that we are writing as we get to know this grape variety. From vintage to vintage, we are constantly on the lookout
to understand and express its identity and uniqueness.

For the 2022 vintage,
We added a touch of Sauvignon Gris (20%) to complete the blend.
Hand-picked early in the morning on 5 September 2022,
Direct pressing of whole bunches without crushing,
Fermentation in stainless steel vats,
Aged on fine lees for 3 months in vats,
Bottled on 6 March 2023,
Marketed on 25 September 2023 after 6 months’ bottle ageing.
Confidential production of 3200 numbered bottles.
Vin de France, certified organic.

Tasting notes.
MERLOT BLANC offers juicy wines with a fresh finish.
This 2022 offers an unequalled aromatic singularity.
The palate is delicate and full-bodied,
Highlighted by a lovely mineral tension.

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