Château Mangot

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
The most recent of Mangot's crus, TODESCHINI is a wine rich in contrasts…

Created in 2008, this cru is was born of a choice to explore what the terroirs had to offer, designed to enable us to share our passion for Cabernet Franc, but also Sauvignon.
It was a gamble, with a deliberately atypical blend of 40% Cabernet Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot.
Merlot, king of the right bank, rubbing shoulders with Cabernet Sauvignon, king of the left bank… and yet there is plenty of room for the Cabernet Franc, the very often – too often – neglected “noble” St Emilion variety.

Made from an intra-plot selection of 1,000 vine plants (3 varieties on 5 plots), we use the Vinification Intégrale method which allows for micro-vinification in 225 and 400-litre barrels, representing 200 and 350 vine plants respectively.

After gravity filling with whole grapes, extraction is by a “contactless” process by manually rotating the barrel on its own axis (Oxoline system).
The extraction, or rather pellicular infusion therefore takes place gently, releasing the power and subtlety if the Cabernet grapes, in total harmony.

After running off and vertical pressing, each batch is gravity fed into new barrels, to continue its malolactic fermentation and begin a 16 to 18-month maturing process.
Once again, each barrel is unique: the fruit of a specific area of terroir, respectfully matured in wood carefully selected to preserve its identity.

A wine rich in contrasts, both on paper and in the glass. 
A deep colour, a powerful, intense nose, mingling black fruits, spices and a hint of violet…
An ample, fleshy mouth, with a good concentration, quickly replaced by generous fruit, fresh and sweet… 
A wine of paradoxes…